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This website is dedicated to exploring the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 virus through the lens of photovoice. Photovoice is a form of participatory action research that uses photography as a tool for capturing and expressing personal experiences, perspectives, and emotions. It is a powerful tool for giving voice to communities and individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to share their stories.

The recent global pandemic has brought with it many difficult realities, including changes in our daily lives, loss, and the need to adapt. Creative expression, including photovoice, can provide a powerful outlet for processing heavy emotions. By documenting our experiences and emotions through photographs, we can create a visual representation of this historic moment in time, and create a lasting legacy for future generations.

This website seeks to explore the importance of photovoice as a tool for creative expression, documentation, and advocacy. Through the sharing of personal stories and experiences captured through photographs, we aim to give voice to the experiences of individuals during this challenging time and to provide a space for discussion and reflection.

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Resiliency . Respect . Heritage


As global health professionals, Filipino Thomasian nurses have been impacted by the recent global pandemic. Using the Photovoice Path methodology, photographs were collected during the COVID-19 outbreak to showcase the ongoing response of healthcare workers to the evolving global challenges.
The website will feature selected photos highlighting themes of resiliency, respect, and heritage based on the principles of St. Thomas Aquinas. The goal is to establish a creative digital connection and foster discussions surrounding relevant issues and advocacy efforts by nurses dedicated to serving their global community. The aim is to expand the scope of the website to include a broader range of topics relevant to healthcare workers and their communities.

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Mary Dioise Ramos, PhD, RN

Dr. Mary Dioise Ramos is an Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University's Wellstar School of Nursing and a research scientist funded by Asian Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research and Alzheimer’s Association. She is also an academic research collaborator of the Georgia "Nayon" Filipino American Patient-Centered Outcomes Research network. With a PhD in Nursing from Georgia State University and degrees in Nursing from the University of Santo Tomas, Dr. Ramos has expertise in nursing, leadership, research, curriculum development, and patient care. Her research focuses on health disparities, caregiving, and dementia in aging populations, with the goal of improving quality of life through culturally tailored interventions.

In addition to her research, Dr. Ramos is particularly enthusiastic about the use of photovoice as a tool to empower communities to share their experiences and perspectives. She believes that photovoice provides an effective way to give voice to marginalized populations and enhance their representation in research and healthcare decision-making. Through her passion and dedication to the use of photovoice, Dr. Ramos continues to make a meaningful impact on the field of aging and health behavior research.

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James R. Tekiko, MAN, CNS, RN

He is a seasoned Clinical Nurse Specialist with more than three decades in pain management, cardiothoracic nursing, palliative care, clinical facilitation, and mentorship in the Philippines, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Furthermore, he has been an entertainment writer, book author, and concert producer for the past 25 years in the Philippines and Australia.

He has published scientific research, clinical business rules and entertainment articles. His book Dekada 90 is a compilation of his written materials in Philippine show business in the 90's.

Currently, he is doing travel/contractual nursing in regional areas in Australia whilst continuing his writing career and love of traveling.

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Maridel Agnes Saldaňa-Maulawin MSN, RN, CNL

A Quality and Patient Outcomes Specialist at Ascension Health Illinois, a 400 bed community hospital in a diverse neighborhood of West Town Ukranian Village in Chicago. With a Masters in Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) from Resurrection University now Oak Point University, she focuses on core measures and process improvement work based on current best practices that will influence clinical outcomes in different focus settings. She was the 1st associate of the Quarter in 2020, at the height of covid-19 response. Also a recepient of TJC Pioneers in Quality on eCQM 2019.

She spent her early nursing career in Pediatric Cardiology at the Philippine Heart Center. Her soft skills were a product of a decade of work at Payatas, a landfill community, as a Nurse/Program Coordinator for children providing health programs and implementing early childhood care and education for the informal sector. With her experience and background, she aspires to give back to the community by finishing Ph.D. in Nursing Anthropology and running a weekend daycare for working families.

A fan of mindful photography, she uses a handy cellphone to 'capture the moment' through personal enagement with everyday grind.  Enjoys roadtrips, nature hike and travelling. Having worked in a landfill, she supports recycling, 5S lean principle and currently exploring bonsai tree planting.

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Wendy Rodriguez-Acebedo, EdD, RN


Dr. Wendy Rodriguez Acebedo heads the Nursing Care Group of St Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, one of the only two Pathway to Excellence Accredited Organizations in the Philippines She is a faculty member of the Florentino Cayco Memorial School Graduate Studies School of Nursing and the Holy Angel University Graduate School of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences. She received her Doctor of Education degree from the Philippine Women’s University and Master of Arts in Nursing from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Her expertise lies in education and administration, having served as Dean of Jose Rizal University College of Nursing and other similar positions. She is a member of the Global Society of Nursing Researchers. This introverted bookworm supports the Pawssion Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of dogs in distress.

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Grace L. Rosete-Lasala, MSN, RN (EC), APRN-BC


Grace is a highly qualified and experienced healthcare professional with a broad range of credentials and expertise. Born with a passion for helping others, she pursued a Nursing degree from the University of Santo Tomas. Not content with her BSN education, she earned her MSN with a specialty in Family Nurse Practitioner certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). She also obtained RN (Extended Care) from the College of Nurses of Ontario with a specialty designation in Primary Health Care ( NP-PHC). Throughout her career, Grace has established herself as a knowledgeable and engaging speaker in the healthcare industry. She has presented at numerous conferences and events, offering insights into government-assisted refugees' access to health care and cultural competence in nursing. Her dedication to her work and patients is evident in all she does, and she continues to make valuable contributions to the field through her presentations.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Grace is also an avid photographer who values the emotional connections that can be captured through the lens. She often collaborates with her daughters, who are involved in social work, creative arts, and photography, to capture the beauty of the world around her and share it with others.

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